The Hungarian Students' Organization of Timisoara


Being the capital of Banat, Timișoara is the most Western city of Romania, not only geographically, but ideologically too. Along the centuries different peoples have lived in this area in the spirit of fraternity, regardless of their ethnic origin (Romanian, Hungarian, German, Serbian, Bulgarian or other nationalities). Nowadays Timișoara is one of the most important university centres of the country.

HSOT, as the Hungarian students' organization of Timișoara.

In the days of the Revolution from 1989 some enthusiastic students had the idea of assembling the Hungarian students into an organized form. As the revolution's burst of enthusiasm died down, it seemed to be more advantageous to create a student organization and a youth one, namely the Hungarian Students' Organization of Timișoara (HSOT) and the Hungarian Youth's Organization of Timișoara (HYOT) instead of the Party mentioned above. According to its constitution, the HSOT is an apolitical organization, an institution representing the interests of the Hungarian students from Timișoara. HSOT offers both an opportunity of improvement of their professional skills and a possibility of spending their spare time.

The mechanism of HSOT is based on a modern structure.

The main decision-making organ of the HSOT is the General Assembly, which in March every year elects the board consisting of: - the Operative Council and the Student Council. The leadership of the Operative Council is made up of a president, two vice-presidents and the financial responsible. Seven representatives of the HSOT's departments form the Student Council. The activity of these departments is concentrated upon the followings: - Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Public Education, European Integration, Sports, Clubs & Circles Four of the six departments mentioned above have direct connections with the students. The main task of the Home Affairs' Department is that of trussing the students, while the Sports and the Clubs & Circles' Departments try to maintain and strengthen these bonds through their leisure programmes. The relationship of the Public Education Department with the undergraduates isn't less close, but its basic emphasis is laid upon professional instruction. What makes the difference of the Foreign Affairs Department and the European Integration Department with the others is that they serve the HSOT members co-operating with other student organizations. The experience gained in the last ten years made it possible for HSOT to develop such a modern and flexible structure, having enthusiastic volunteers in the background.

And every mechanism is driven by small cogwheels…

The HSOT's clubs and circles offer a large variety of programmes for every student, giving them the chance to learn and to relax at the same time. Those who are interested in economics have an opportunity to meet and participate at different seminars in the Economic Club. The purpose of the Ecological Club is to get to know the flora of Banat and also deals with problems of environmental protection. The “Do-It-Yourself” Music Circle improves our musical knowledge by auditions and jam sessions. During the Film Clubs we have the possibility to make a travel to the mysterious world of the artistic films. The students from the veterinary college can meet at the Veterinarian Club, and for those who are interested in different arts the Prima Studio offers many expositions and art camps. Our Psychological Circle means a lot of discussions concerning anything related to psychology. We also mention on the one hand the Hikers' Club, which belongs to those attracted by nature and trips, and on the other hand the Folk-Dance Group organizing dances and dance courses weekly. One can't imagine the students' life without parties, which take place twice a month. The pretensions of those who are interested in literature and arts are fulfilled at the tea parties, where they can meet actors, writers, musicians or other artists, too. Another way of spending the spare time is to participate to different HSOT championships.

The news of the HSOT comes directly from the printing machine.

Our student paper… As the unique student paper written in Hungarian in Timișoara, For You deals with everything that might interest local students and not only. Besides the permanent editors, there are also many contributors involved, so due to its atmosphere For You had become the most important information bringing means.

A whole week: just Festival!

Starting from 1991, the HSOT Festival can be considered the biggest programme of the organization, a cultural event which sets in motion about 700-1000 students every year. At the beginning, the Festival encouraged the local amateur manifestations, and later it succeeded in inviting artists and student groups from other university centres, too. In 1995 a change can be noticed in the history of the Festivals, from an ideological point of view. The world is characterized by professionalism, so the organizers concentrate upon inviting guests from the whole country and from abroad, giving the Festival the chance of continuous extension of its domains. One can tell that the Festival had managed to overcome its period of amateurism.

The wiser ones can show what they know at student conferences.

The Scientific Student Conferences are opportunities for Hungarian students to assert their professional knowledge in their mother tongue. These Conferences organized by the HSOT aim those studying at technical universities. Beside the presentation of the individual works, the conferences offer as well a possibility of developing new student-student or even student-teacher relationships.

HSOT never forgets about the freshmen.

The target of the Freshmen's Camp and the Freshmen's Party is to make easier the accommodation of the freshmen to their new environment, also offering them the possibility to get to know each other and the HSOT. The first HSOT Freshmen's Camp took place in 1995, and its popularity is unbroken ever since then. The three-day camp's main “activity” is relaxation, and one of its aims is to increase the number of the HSOT's active members. Also by this reason is organized the Freshmen's Party later, in November.

The sport fans are invited to the HSOT Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are the biggest sport manifestations of the HSOT. Both of the Olympics, the Winter and Summer HSOT Games have a large variety of programmes during a week. The Madaras peak of the Harghita Mountains became the consecrated place for the Winter-Olympics, organized at the beginning of the 2nd semester of each academic year. The Summer- Olympics take place in May at Timisoara. Each of the Olympics is characterized by a large popularity, offering unforgettable days for its participants.

The only rule of the Cup is: “no rules!”

The HSOT Cup is the most informal programme among all the activities of HSOT. It requires a lot of spontaneousness and creativity, and it gives the participants the chance to have fun and relax.

Sometimes the candles of the HSOT's cake are blown out: the HSOT Anniversary.

There is a time every year when the Hungarian students in Timișoara come together to celebrate the anniversary of their organization. During these days everyone can find the programmes matching his expectations: theatrical performances, concerts, folk-dances, films, parties, etc.